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"Trunk Bay
St. John USVI"
Jimmy Buffett is the world’s most famous beach bum. He has marketed his love of Beaches, Bars, Boats and Ballads into a billion-dollar business. He has sold more albums and filled more concert venues than most singers. He has written best seller list books and has a string of successful Landshark Bar and Grill restaurants and Margaritaville stores and cafes. Buffett’s fans are affectionately known as Parrotheads. They are found in every demographic and walk of life and are among the most loyal fans in the world. The tropical appeal and “state of mind” known as Margaritaville exists in all of us. It may be the lure of the tropics or some other “parrotdise”, wherever, Jimmy’s music can take you there, and so can this show.
Barrie Cunningham has been performing Buffett’s music for almost as long as Buffett himself. He has also traveled many of the same roads and even played some of the same places Jimmy played on his road to fortune and fame. Barrie takes the showgoer on a musical tour. It’s like an “ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETT.”
Barrie sings all the “songs you know by heart” like Come Monday, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Volcano, Fins, Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes, and the national anthem of all Parrotheads, Margaritaville.
He also performs songs Jimmy recorded like Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, and the CSN’s nautical hit Southern Cross as well as recent hit recordings like his duet with Alan Jackson, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere and Zack Brown, Knee Deep.

Jimmy Buffett Tribute

Barrie Cunningham

Aboard the Liberty Clipper